Rear Jackets


Sri Sunkara known to the Elders of the Human Race as the “Prince of Shamballa” has again incarnated to lead mankind to Spiritual Reality and Understanding beyond religion, an alternative Spiritual Philosophy based upon FACT.

Bush born – Australia.

Standing next to the woman who was to be my mother I recall as though a fog watching her belly. I would leave her side, visit other shores, return find her grown, leave and return then one day, nothing, time passed, quickening and then forgotten cries.

At night as a youth, when supposedly in the sleep state I would float above my body. Look down with fear from the ceiling, then mastering entry and exit I would visit the area, cautious not to far away.

Christian upbringing, programming, pain of being different, memory closed, money, family, money. Parallel a search for questions unanswered by religion, culture, state or man, a Spiritual Journey explored all Philosophies, became Minister, Doctorates Ph.D., a Metaphysician come Business man until -.

And Mark aged three said of his Brother, “Before Matthew was two he was one and before he was one he was in Spirit waiting for his mother to make him a body.” And Matthew later, aged seven said, “Dad, there is life before Birth and after death, why don’t we learn about this at school? And why are there so many religions if there is a God?”

Research with Dr. Thelma Moss Aura and evidence of Astral Body in 1974/1975, researched world’s most scientifically tested physical phenomena Medium over twenty years, researched thirty years, meditated five, wrote for five, now 70 still alive.

Founded Movements for Social Change, Poetry, Spiritual Philosophy, Prophecy.


Amazing, shocking, overwhelming, fascinating, intriguing. Concepts which have eluded clear expression for thousands of years. Where did the race originate? Why are we here? Does Human personality survive the Death of the Body? Where will we be after Death? What is the purpose of the life experience? What to believe? Who has the Truth? Where is the evidence? “What is the Correct Philosophy”?

7 SEXES & the Origin of Man is not for the timid, or the easily offended. It is not the intent to give offence however the contents are outside of one’s Educational experience, beyond Orthodox, Institutional Teachings.

The Biblical Saviour taught, “Seek the Truth”. Mahatma Ghandi taught, “Hang on to Truth”, Sri Sunkara, Spiritual Philosopher of the age delivers, “Herein the Truth to set you Free.”

The controversial author of “VEDANTA – Bhagavad-Gita 2000” and “ASK –Were you there?” asked “The Tree of Knowledge, How did ‘It’ start?”

The Spirit in the Tree responded: “Out of Africa” they say. Nay! Nay, Nay, Tree does sway. Long afore, before any Country, world or Galaxy were; Far Beyond the Physical you will find Humanity’s Self-starter. Science, State & Religion, Restrict belief, leading to Disaster; Empowering, Feeding Confusion’s Charter.”

Today’s Belief Systems offer several choices, none of which withstand the scrutiny of time. The youth are offered a God a Supreme Male Being, Darwin’s theory of Evolution from an Ape, a Science of Big Bang from a Black Hole or an end to physical Life leading to Nothingness.

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, internationally acclaimed Medium/Theosopher wrote 1,550 pages in a Doctrine, representing over 632,000 words. The dreaded word, SEX, appears three times.

If mankind is not a race immersed in sexuality, then what is it?

Knowledge of the complexities of the Spiritual Rounds, Rings, Chains and Sub races will not make the AIDS virus go away, nor solve the personal problems of the potential Suicide, nor bring you who read these words enlightenment or happiness.

Sri Sunkara provides indisputable Evidence to support the Spiritual Reality of Existence; an intelligent fact based cosmic sense alternative to the Status Quo.

“Now Revealed to the outer world, the Hidden history of the ancient race of human Species.

Be Free, armed with Perennial Wisdom, loaded with Truth, an exciting path for man’s exploration & discovery.

Sunkara has no side agenda, no mortal ally, holds no specific group in awe, not affiliated with anyone, no vested interests to please; Spirit speaks directly to issues which affect us all; truthfully, candidly, where none have dared to dread.


Vedanta 2000, subtitled Bhagavad Gita – Veda 2000, is a Revelation from the World of Spirit given to a Planet on the edge of War, an epic Spiritual Poem for the age, in the true Vedic tradition of Mother India.

Amazing Prophecy. Orthodox Religions stripped naked before Universal Truth. Ancient Knowledge concealed, now revealed. Veda simply said. Complex material, clean cut and User Friendly. "Vedanta 2000", is the Companion Book to "ASK – Were you there?" a Spiritual Text; ageless Wisdom from the Tree of Knowledge. Vedanta 2000 answers the dilemmas confronting man, an insightful Spiritual perspective; guidelines for survival!

Sri Sunkara returns as predicted to set the Record straight. A proven planetary Spiritual Teacher, sent to dispense the Truth, to guide the Truth seeker to the Godhead.

"Investigate the Truths herein and follow the path you have chosen. Universal Truth belongs to all mankind. Truth may not be confined to a Religion or a man made god. Truth be, there is no Saviour coming for mankind, this would be against Natural Law.”

The Spiritual Wisdom, now simplified into poetic word pictures is evidential unto itself. Concepts which have eluded clear expression for thousands of years, now clarified in "VEDANTA 2000."

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Didgeridoo by ‘Majjic’ of Tasmania

Viola - ‘God Chant’ by Maxine of Hawaii