Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters

Posted by admin - June 29th, 2012

Sunkara delivers Spiritual Truth denied man for over two thousand years.

The Dispensation of Truth now revealed in Spiritual Revelation will free the Human Race from the Bondage of Orthodoxy. From whence did we come? Are we alone? What is death? Do we survive Death, and if so how are we best prepared? The answers are to be found in the Teaching Halls of Higher Spiritualism.

Sunkara’s legitimacy is evidenced by the outstanding Spiritual Revelations given to mankind at the edge of the Millenium. “The Seven Sexes”, “The Origin of the Human Race”, “Which Jesus?”, “Star Man”, “Soul” and “Spirit” are examples of the astounding Spiritual Revelations supported by even more astounding Evidence.

An introduction to Sunkara may be found on either of the Spiritual Revelation Face Pages, SPIRITUAL REVELATION and SPIRITUAL NEWS SLANT.

We invite you to experience the Informative Higher Spiritualism Welcome Page, which includes a detailed introduction to Higher Spiritualism, also the complimentary Participation Lyceum Page.

Email Spiritual Lessons and Revelations and the Spiritual News Slant Lessons are complimentary.

Email your nominated request to spirit@hispirit.org.au. Select the Revelation Title and Number from the SPIRITUAL REVELATION LIST. Sri Sunkara welcomes voluntary Donations and Financial Support. Potential Donors are requested to ask via Email for the Higher Spiritualism Inc. Bank details to wire funds; checks may be sent to Higher Spiritualism incorporated, P.O Box 168, St. Helens, Tasmania 7216, Australia.

You do not have to be a Member of HIGHER SPIRITUALISM to participate as a Donor.

The Spiritual Revelations are nominated as SPIRITUAL REVELATION and SPIRITUAL NEWS SLANT on the Index.

Each Month HIGHER SPIRITUALISM releases two or more, five to fifteen page SPIRITUAL REVELATIONS unto Mankind.

The SPIRITUAL REVELATIONS contain beautiful Spiritual Teachings and Principles, Prophecy, Amazing Dispensations of Knowledge from the Higher Civilizations, Ancient Secrets Revealed and Spiritual Clairvoyant Insight into all Human affairs and the World News Headlines of the Day.

Friends, please join in the discussion and Commentary of the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters at the Higher Spiritualism Blog Page http://hispiritsunkara.blogspot.com.au/



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Didgeridoo by ‘Majjic’ of Tasmania

Viola - ‘God Chant’ by Maxine of Hawaii